Saturday, February 12, 2011

Australian Day Game at Make it Crafty Entry 2

The fabulous Zoe at Make it Crafty has an Australian Day Game going on and you can have up to 3 entries.  I have already submitted my first entry and this will be number 2.  You are suppose to make up your own definitions for some Australian Slang words/phrases. Stop over to Make it Crafty, say Hey to Zoe and enter to win $50 voucher to her store!

  1. You little Ripper-what you call a short pick pocket
  2. Well I'll be buggered-reason you give to decline your 6th glass of wine
  3. Crikey-sound my knees make when I hikey
  4. Fair Dinkum-explaining the challenged Scrabble word you just used
  5. On a good wicket-describing your weekend when you have a cold
  6. Make a proper galah of yourself-stop dressing like a fella
  7. She'll be apples- what you are when you are a few grapes short of bananas
  8. Ridge Dige-place you left your car after too much alcohol and sliding off the road.
  9. Buggerlugs-what the nuts are called that hold an Australian bugs legs on
  10. Give it a burl-what you do after your car runs into the Ridge Dige, bend over and hurl (burl)
  11. Bob's yer Uncle-1 step up the evolutionary chain from the "Monkey's Uncle"
  12. Go like the clappers-what grandma does when she has walking gas
  13. Ningnong-sound a door bell makes when it has a cold.
  14. Good Onya-What you say to little Onya when she does well in school
  15. Rough end of the stick-how you describe a bad proctology visit.
Thanks Zoe for letting me play!

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  1. hahahah Debra - I love your meaning of You little Ripper. Totally funny!! Thanks for playing along again and giving me a laugh or two or three! hugs xxoo


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