Thursday, February 24, 2011

Australia Day Game 3rd Entry

Zoe over at Make it Crafty has an Australia Day Game going until Feb 26.  She gives us a list of Aussie slang terms and we have to make up definitions for them.  This is my third entry!  Have some fun, stop over at Make it Crafty and give it a burl (Lol)and say Hey to Zoe. 

1. You little ripper-what they called "Jack" as a toddler
3.Crikey-what you get when you cross a cricket and a monkey
4. Fair Dinkum-what you call horse poo at the State Fair
7. She'll be apples-new monopoly game piece (I'll be the race car, you be the top hat and She'll be apples)
13. Ningnong-A new snack cake by Hostess
15. Rough end of the stick-what you use on a naughty dingo


  1. I'd have to ask my brother for the meaning.. he lives there :)

  2. lol Debra!! Love the naughty dingo stick! Thanks for giving me a giggle! hugs xxoo


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