Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Australia Day Game at Make it Crafty

Zoe over at Make it Crafty is having a bit of a contest where she lists some common Australian slang and we are suppose to provide our own meaning.  You could win $50 to spend on Make it Crafty products and trust me, if you haven't looked at this website you are truly missing something!This looks like fun! So here is my go at it:
  1. You Little Ripper-what you call a baby with gas
  2. Well I'll be buggered-what you say when someone sneezes on you.
  3. Crikey-Australian Yahtzee
  4. Fair Dinkum-a pale nerd
  5. On a good wicket-a winning ticket
  6. Make a proper galah of yourself-a snooty spectacle
  7. She'll be apples-what I would want to be if Vin Diesel was a pie
  8. Ridgie Dige-CSI slang for finger print
  9. Buggerlugs-what is actually sneezed on you..when someone sneezes on you
  10. Give it a burl-To sing a song like Burl Ives.
  11. Bob's yer uncle-What you tell your friend who likes Bob..when you want to date Bob
  12. Go like the clappers-Flash in the pan gadget now obsolete-does anyone still use clappers?
  13. Ningnong- sound a Door bell makes when it has a lisp
  14. Good Onya-What you say to a friend wearing a new dress
  15. Rough end of the stick-what most ex husbands deserve.
I didn't say I was good at it LOL.  Pop over to Make it Crafty, say hey to Zoe and play along :)


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  2. Heheh, I followed your link from Zoe's challenge.. so funny! I love your slang interpretations! ♥

  3. Hahaha Debra - you had me falling off my chair on Buggerlugs! Thanks so much for playing along and having a few laughs! hugs xxoo


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