Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kenny K's Name Those Kittenz Contest

Wow, contest to name Kenny K's new images!  I have no talent for this but would love to win LOL so I am giving it a try! Here they are:

A. Racey Rita
B. Blazing Betty
C.Shadey Sheila
D.Double D Dena
E.Firey Felicia
F. Puckering Paula
G Daphny DoRight
H Naughty Naomi
I V8 Violet
J Biker Benita
K Rodeo Roxy
l. Brickyard Barbara
LOL that was fun.  Join in with the contest at Bearly Mine Crafts! You could win an awesome digi if Kenny picks one of your names!

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  1. AWE.. thanx for the super sweet comment!!! It's always nice to have a cheering section! ;) Hey, love the TV-MA post! LOL!


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