Friday, December 31, 2010

Help Please

Hi guys, I have been asked to make a Sympathy card for a "Grandfather".  I am appealing to the digital artist and digital store owners here, I need an image of an older man from the back. I am more than happy to purchase. I have a design idea in mind but it would require an image of an older man...very little if any hair, from the back so I could place him at the bottom of a stair case.  If anyone knows of an image like this or similar please contact me.  Thanks in advance you guys are awesome :)


  1. There's Jack and Ginger available at Mo's :
    Maybe you can cut Ginger out???? Thats a back scene.

  2. I was also going to post about Mo's images, but Dorcas beat me to it. I think it sounds like it may work!!

    Good Luck! Sympathy cards are always tough, to create.


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