Sunday, July 31, 2011

No Card and only ONE Challenge!

Hi everyone, this may be a bit long so feel free to skip down lol! I haven't made a card in two whole months, I am going through some kind of withdrawal here.  I am in the process (I hope) of buying a new house.  The old one sold, the new one is in mortgage process hell (maybe if I sacrifice a small chicken I can get it through).  ALL of my craft supplies, except my pencils, markers, card stock for printing, images on the computer and spray fixative, are currently residing at a different address (read self storage). That's right folks, no cuttlebug, no cricut, no embellies *sigh*.

I am currently residing at a one bedroom apartment with my daughter, who assured me that it would be fine, cable and Internet are included in the rent, peachy.  Well, I get approximately 10 cable channels..TEN.  One of which is the weather channel.  Now I don't know about the rest of you but I was quite spoiled with my premium cable.  So as of right now, no more REal Housewives of (insert the city I watch them all LOL). No more Investigation Discovery channel (all the crime shows) No more on Demand, *sigh* People in prison have better cable.  Oh and the Internet  is DSL I was used to high speed cable, so watching blog pictures load portions at a time well that has been a treat.

AND on top of craft supplies.  I am the latest castaway to Craftless Island ( read Gilligan's island) At least Gilligan had the professor that could make a radio run on coconut milk.  I got nada. I have found I am not the McGyver of Crafting.  I cannot make card embelishments out of card board boxes and macaroni lol! Although, I bet the macaroni could be colored with copics. 

So I would like to take this opportunity to give a huge hug, (or as she calls them *squeezes*) To Zoe from Make it Crafty.  Not only does Zoe have awesome digital images for sale at her store, but she also runs a Challenge Blog called Make it Colourful AND it doesn't require a finished card, just a colored image.  She allows you to enter with your fully colored image only as she indicates it is a "coloring challenge". God bless you Zoe!

So, here is my entry for Zoe's latest challenge, coloring dark skin. A huge challenge for me as I have not done many and would like to do them better.  So of course, that requires PRACTICE. This is a new image from the incredible Mo Manning "Little Elf Pipa". Oh I thought of all the things I could have done with my supplies, glitter on the trim, bling for berries and bells...but I digress.   I use mostly Prisma color pencils and was thrilled to find this tutorial by Dorcas (another crafty angel to my rescue) thankfully posted on the Make It Colourful blog by Jen!  Please check out Dorcas' tutorial for yourself, I assure you my very lame attempt doesn't do it justice lol. I need LOTS more practice!  So that's right girls hell has officially frozen over as I am only entering One challenge.  I feel like the Count from Sesame Street "One, ONE Challenge ah ah".
  1. Make it Colourful-Coloring Dark Skin
A special thank you to Zoe and Dorcas for helping me salvage my craft time. Most of all thank YOU for looking!


  1. Too cute! And great job with the skin tones! I think I'd die if my stuff was in storage! And you're not missing much on the Housewives:) though ID has had a couple of good ones! I'm a junkie for those shows too...kinda makes me feel better about myself!!!!

  2. Hi Debra, Just wanted to say thanks for your kind words about Marble the Hamster, It was really nice of you to message me. Hazelxox

  3. Try being overseas and watching military TV channels!! I reallllly miss cable too! But for the most part, you can download your favorite TV shows....eventually.

    I had to go without any crafting for two and half months!! I nearly died! So glad you got your fix, because I wouldn't want you to die, lol!!!! Hugs!

  4. Wow - you did a fantastic job of coloring her "darker" skin!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, too!


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