Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pets in the Craft Room!

Meighen at Scrappin_3rdeeschik wants to see our our craft room. I have accepted the fact that pets, especially cats are always at your it or not, busy or not.  Here is a picture of my Moon (prior to surgery where he now has a bad haircut LOL).  I wish I had gotten a picture of when he recently covered himself in home made glue dots.  He evidently walked across them as they were drying.  So I give you Moon:


  1. Moon is a doll! We have a Siamese named Marilyn. My cats love to craft with me too. I am constantly pulling hair off a card or project!


  2. So cute!! I just became a follower, I would love if you could stop by my blog sometimes:)

  3. Look how handsome he is. They walk anywhere they please don't they? Thanks for sharing your picture with me. :D
    Too Funny. hehe

  4. Moon is so handsome!! What a great help in the scrapbook room hey! :)

  5. Moon is stunning! Wow - he is beautiful!


  6. Debra, This was so cute and gave me such a giggle. I wish you could have captured the glue dots incident, I would have loved to see it. Moon looks right at home in your craft room, what a great little helper. :)

    Chris Stern / CS Designs

  7. Hi Debra, thanks for telling me about the blog with all the animals. So cute! Your Moon is quite the crafter. lol.... We have a our Lucy and we have always said that if we didn't have a black cat (our family favorite) we would have a beautiful grey one like Moon. So pretty. Thanks again for sharing. Hugs, Lisa G

  8. Hi Debra

    I love your art - and my cats & I LOVE Moon! That sight is SO familiar. I am a new follower!



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