Sunday, October 10, 2010

Papercraft Supply a-holics Unite!

I think this is my first blog post without a project to share.  So 24 followers (lol) have become my defacto support group where I shall now confess my addiction.  I have an overwhelming addiction to papercraft supplies. 

1st step of course is to admit I have a problem that has become unmanageable.  Oh..I have a problem.  I have unopened tools (including but not limited to a cricut jukebox, a carl hand trimmer, cricut cartridges still in plastic) from 2 YEARS ago *sigh* but I had to have them. I have BOXES of unsorted scrap supplies in 3 different rooms in my house! Therefore, I really don't know what I have.  My son tried to point this out to me when he said "Don't order mom, just go into the basement and look around, you don't even know what you have, it will be like shopping..only cheaper".  I thought..PSHAW...he is just not enlightened to my craft :/  I really have a problem purging unneeded or unused supplies! I COULD NEED it for something..sometime. I take way to seriously the papercraft credo "She who dies with the most supplies wins".

2nd step is to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.  So I am thinking..Martha Stewart organizational tools, the Scrapbox, those cube things from Michael's? I have not yet discovered this power...with relationship to my problem..however, I seek!

3rd step is to make the decision to turn my life around.  I am going to undertake this journey! Pay no attention to the Paypal receipt with today's date for Dick Blick. I shall go through boxes, organize and sell or donate and purge my poor neglected, once much sought after, items.

4th step to make an inventory.  Yeah, I started that today and found myself saying way to often "I didn't know I had that",  "I could use that", and a lot of "Oh Hey look at that".

5th step admit to you my followers my wrongs. I will start with one this evening.  I was wrong to think I needed every color eyelet as they all remain UNTOUCHED by my Cropadile..also a must have tool. ( Next up my never used collection of embossing powder)

6th step I shall open myself up to your wisdom, suggestions and support through this trying time.

7th step I will ask the higher power to remove my shortcomings.  Of course that is what got me in this mess.  I could not be without the latest thing! Martha Stewart, Tim Holtz, Provo Craft...lend me your ears!

8th make a list to those harmed and make amends.  So far its just my cat, he feels neglected as he tries to plant himself in the middle of my project and I try to work around him.  However, later it will be my children who will have to go through and dispense with my hoard of supplies if I meet an unexpected demise! I have already instructed them that these are valuable and to not "give them away" in case I am called to the big crop in the sky.

9th to make direct amends.  I will get organized, I will purge, I will show my son I have self control lol!

10th to continue to take inventory and when I make an unneeded or useless purchase to admit it right away, take it back, sell it or purge it from my space!

11th to meditate and go to my happy place where every thing is organized :)

And last but not least:

12th to have a spiritual like awakening, that sometimes less is MORE! If I have so much that I don't know what I have it is too much!

Thanks for listening to my rant.  Thanks to the Enchanted Stamper for giving me a garage sale idea for my blog! I saw she had a separate page for her sale items and I was like..I can do it too! Right now it is just marked "Testing" I had to play and see if I could make it work.  Stay tuned! Thanks for looking!

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